Friday, November 20, 2009

My Early Employment Experiences

When I was a teenager I had several different jobs - none lasted very long. I was a server for a catering company. I had a short stint as a music DJ, doing weddings and school dances. I delivered balloon bouquets dressed as a clown. And last but not least – for a very short time – I was a cashier for a parent teacher educational supply store (which also included some religious items).
My official statement regarding my abrupt departure from the store:
I was just supposed to ring people out, but they left me alone. It was not my fault that I offended that lady. I thought she was saying Doritos!
I’m referring to the little old Jewish lady, who asked if we had dreidels. Of course that is not where our exchange ended. The lady insisted we should have dreidels. I insisted we don’t, nor do we have Fritos or Cheetos, or any other kind of potato chips. Yes, I bow my head and admit that is what I said. I was young and clueless. And she clearly did not have a sense of humor.

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