Thursday, June 16, 2011

Design a Book Cover Blogfest

Brenda Drake is hosting Redesign a Book Cover Blogfest with CA Marshall. Or we can design a cover for our own yet to be published book. Fun! My cover is original artwork for my YA urban fantasy.
Head over to Brenda Drake's blog and check out the other participants.

Monday, June 13, 2011

When You Look at Me Like That

Do you have an
with your cat?

Most people do,
myself included.

I wrote this poem
with her in mind.

Her name is Mouse.

Our relationship’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t change a thing.
While I offer you my love, you offer me a wing.
I appreciate the thoughtful gifts you always give to me.
But I really liked that bird alive, singing in the tree.

At night you drive me crazy. You scratch and run around.
You want me when I’m sleeping, but by day, you can’t be found.
You rub and purr so sweetly that I offer you my hand.
Then you turn around and bite me. I just don’t understand.

You always keep me guessing. Is it love or hate today?
The only thing I’m sure of: you’ll never run away.
You may wonder how I know this, why you’ll never leave my side.
It’s because you are too lazy to give up on your free ride.

The cheerful dog, she tries so hard to be your friend and yet
You hiss, and swat, and torture her with every chance you get.
You think the dog is stupid to pursue the bouncy ball,
But you don’t look much brighter when you’re staring at the wall.

You run like you’re a cheetah; a leopard climbs like that.
But when it’s time to come back down you’re such a scaredy cat.
What goes up must then come down, I’ll say it once again.
“It’s only in the movies that they call the firemen!”

I love the way you proudly lead the kids to school each day,
And wait outside the window ‘til it’s time for them to play.
I know you love the children, your devotion’s plain to see.
Sometimes I think your plan is just to do away with me.

I try to tell the family; they seem so unaware.
I think it was no accident you tripped me on the stair.
I see it in your eyes when you look at me like that.
I think you want to kill me! And who’d suspect the cat?

And while we’re on the subject, I thought that you should know.
I’ve left a note for family on the chance that I should “go.”
I really do quite love you and all the laughs you bring.
Our relationship’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t change a thing.
~Michaele Stoughton