Friday, September 25, 2015

{Review} Crystal Magic by Madeline Freeman

I gave it 4 stars ~ Good read!

Crystal Magic is a young adult story reminiscent of The Secret Circle.

Most of the story revolves around the main character Kristyl Barnette adapting to life in a new town and new school, living with her aunt, after her mother is killed in a car accident. She didn’t fit in at her last school, so she hopes for a new start in Clearwater.

I liked Kristyl (Krissa) and her new friends Owen, Lexie, Bria, Felix and West. Owen is a doll and I loved their blossoming relationship. But of course, there must be teenage drama, and that came with mean girl, Crystal Jamison (which is why Kristyl starts going by Krissa). Later, when mean girl Crystal starts trying to befriend Krissa (for reasons I won’t spoil) I felt bad for Krissa being pulled in different directions.

I thought the writing was good. I could picture the scenes, without too much telling. The story seemed well edited, with limited typos. Although, I could’ve done without the main character “biting her lower lip” so many times (I think around 37) and it did get a little confusing and repetitive with Kristyl Barnette, Crystal Jamison and her aunt Crystal Taylor, and a magical crystal.  

I’d recommend Crystal Magic. I thought it was entertaining and I'll likely read book 2, Wild Magic.

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